Jan 10

New Year’s Resolutions

“What’s your new year’s resolution this year?”  The number one question asked at the beginning of every year.  And the top three answers are…health, money, time.

What is it about those three categories that leaves us always wanting more?  Many of us hold multiple “hats” in life.  We are parents, spouses, child, employer, employee, and many more.  All those hats come with responsibilities, consuming time and finances.  What of our health, then?  Often times it gets neglected, and hence begins the cycle. 

The cycle of neglecting our health, losing time and money due to sickness or having to pay for a sudden health expense.  This also applies to your teeth, your dental health.  Have you or anyone you know ever had a toothache, and abscess, or worse yet, a broken tooth?  It was sudden, unexpected…something we see more often than we’d like.

This year, invest in your health.  Schedule an appointment and see us!  It’s much easier to see us when it’s convenient for you.  Don’t waste your valuable time and money on unnecessary and sudden dental expenses, one that could’ve been avoided.

Give us a call!  We’re here to answer any questions you may have and help you achieve your optimum dental health!

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