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Family Dentistry

As a mother and a dentist, Dr. Gallagher understands how important it is to find a good dentist for your entire family.

Some of our patients are the 4th generation to be seen by Dr. Gallagher and her staff.  We’ve seen children as young as 1 year old, to get them acquainted and comfortable with us; to adults in their 90s, who refuse to see anyone besides Dr. Gallagher.

Building a relationship with children is especially important for a lifetime of good oral health, preventing future dental problems.  We strive to make every visit a pleasant one.  Many of our child patients have told their parents that they can’t wait to come back to see us.

Our office hours make it easy for you to find an appointment that is convenient for you and your family.  From mornings and afternoons, to evenings and Saturdays, we have an appointment that works for everyone in your family.

Get your family off to a good dental start…contact us today!