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Creating a Better World

One person can make a difference,

           but a whole community can change the world.


At Dr. Gallagher & Associates, we feel it’s important to not only care for our patients, but also to help create a better world.  Being born and raised in Indonesia, Dr. Gallagher understands first hand how difficult life can be.  She grew up in a family who always encouraged her to help others, even when her family was going through rough times.  Besides respecting others, working hard, and many other lessons, Dr. Gallagher taught her daughter from an early age that “there are always people less fortunate than you, and we try to help as best we can.”  She carries this philosophy into her dental practice.

Dr. Gallagher started providing dental treatment, early in her career, to adults and children in rural villages and orphanages throughout Indonesia.  She has also provided dental treatment to low income children in the Greater Philadelphia community.  Amongst the charitable dental services she has provided, Dr. Gallagher has also raised awareness and donated to several organizations.  She’s helped the fight against religious persecution and other human rights violations with the Institute on Religion and Public Policy.  In spring of 2010, she helped her daughter get to Haiti as part of Help for Orphans International’s earthquake relief effort.  Locally, she contributes and encourages patients to contribute to Pennridge FISH through annual office events and promotions, especially food drives.

Dr. Gallagher & Associates encourages you to join us in creating a better world for all of us to live in!

The following are some of the charitable work and organizations she has contributed to: